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We work with startups, SMBs, agencies, and freelancers. We leverage top-performing tech and hip creatives to deliver outstanding digital experiences to you, and your clients. Oh yeah.

About Us

Hi, I'm MC aka Martin Couture, the founder of MC Digital Lab. Our team consists of ex-Production Houses and Advertising industry professionals. In the course of our careers we worked with Nike, Disney, TATA, Fendi, Coca Cola, Audi, Bosch, Mercedes... and with/within agencies like Wieden+Kenney, AKQA, Serviceplan, TBWA, DDB, Dentsu and many more.

Rush Project?

No problem! We can do rush projects as we have team members that work around the clock... in different timezones. We can also do projects in Chinese, Japanese, French, Serbian, Portuguese, (and probably in Italian and Spanish.)

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